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Corporation OKs faculty promotions

Hammond Tenure
Additionally, the following 16 have been promoted from associate professor with tenure to full professor so far this year: Mitchel J. Resnick of media arts and sciences; David W. Miller of aeronautics and astronautics; Paula T. Hammond of chemical engineering; Franz-Joseph Ulm of civil and environmental engineering; Hari Balakrishnan, Dennis Freeman, Alexandre Megretski, Martin Rinard and Daniela Rus of electrical engineering and computer science; Michael Greenstone of economics; Elizabeth A. Wood of history; Alexander Byrne of linguistics and philosophy; Diana E. Henderson of literature; Janet Sonenberg of music and theater arts; Frank B. Gertler of biology; and Gigliola Staffilani of mathematics.


Board of Trustees Enthusiastically Endorses Leadership and Presidency of Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson


TROY, N.Y. — After a review of accomplishments achieved under Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson’s leadership, and in response to a failed “no confidence” vote recently taken by the faculty, the Institute’s Board of Trustees unanimously adopted a resolution strongly endorsing the leadership and presidency of Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson and the transformational progress made under The Rensselaer Plan.
The Board of Trustees has reaffirmed its faith in Dr. Jackson’s leadership by signing her to a new five-year contract.
Board members unanimously adopted a resolution to “recognize and enthusiastically affirm that the transformational progress achieved in support of the bold vision of The Rensselaer Plan is without precedent in higher education, and the results being achieved are in accord with the Board’s stated goal of moving Rensselaer into the ranks of top-tier, world-class universities as we enter into the 21st century.”